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  1. Lotus Elise
    I bought the jumper plug to deactivate the immobilizer in my 2011 Elise. I researched where to find the immobiliser, and went to work removing the bulkhead behind the seats. Everything is going smooth until i get behing the driver seat where it should be located, and it is not there. The...
  2. Closed/Sold Parts
    New 2011 Elise trunk lid: fiberglass with gelcoat and plasti-dip painted on top to see what it would look like. I was going to install it on my 2005 Elise but changed my mind, cost me $520 plus shipping when they were available, they’re not anymore. I’m asking $500 for local pickup, located in...
  3. Lotus Elise
    I have a 2011 elise which has the trunk release behind the drivers seat. I go to pop the trunk today and the trunk won't open when I lift the lever. I had someone pull the lever while I try to wiggle the trunk, no luck. I also tried applying some up force while the lever was pulled, no luck...
  4. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    A gent in my area is selling his single owner, 24k Elise SC for 40k. Dealer serviced and looks to be in great condition. I’ve done my research and have an opinion but would love to hear what others think.
1-4 of 4 Results