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  1. Alarm/Immobilizer/CDL
    So long story short. 05 elise with factory alarm and normal functions set. The auto immobilizer is disabled but works with the key fob alarm being used. So I dropped my key fob and it blinked funny. Went to car which was armed and alarm wouldn't disarm. Wife reached into top off and set off...
  2. Alarm/Immobilizer/CDL
    Hello I found the missing steps that the owner's manual leaves out on this forum. That gives me some new hope. I was tearing my rogaine supported hair out trying to program a new fob. My question is is will programming a new remote make the old remote no longer work? Or will the new fob learn...
  3. Alarm/Immobilizer/CDL
    Hi All, I just picked up a beautiful PB 08 Exige S240 a few months ago and could not be more in love with the car. The issue comes with, you guessed it, the alarm. I'm aware a lot people like to remove the alarm and immobilizer and I may go down that path eventually but for now I am just trying...
1-3 of 3 Results