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  1. Lotus Elise
    Hey, I'm a new member here, working on getting into an elise. I've wanted one since 2013 and I'm closing in on getting a deal done for them (no power steering and weight under one ton are the critical points of interest--I've never driven anything else like one). Over the years I've also...
  2. Lotus Elise
    Does anyone know where to get brakes and rotors changed in the Clearwater, FL area?
  3. 3301-FrontwWheel

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, front, with wheel.
  4. 3301-HatFinish

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, sample finish (electroless nickle).
  5. 3301-RearUnmounted2

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, rear, outside view.
  6. 3301-RearwWheel

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, rear, with wheel.
  7. 3301-RearUnmounted1

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, inside view with Grade 8 hardware and safety wiring.
  8. 3301-RearOnHub

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, rear, mounted on hub.
  9. 3301-FrontonHub

    [email protected]'s two-piece brake rotor, front, mounted on hub.
1-9 of 9 Results