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  1. Lotus Evora
    Hi All - I've been on the hunt for a 400 for a few months and they seem to be going in the mid 60's - low 70's for the most part but they're all listed for 75-80 on places like Car Gurus,, autotrader, etc. Other than the forum, is there anywhere else I should/could be looking for them...
  2. Lotus Elise
    Hi all, For the past month and a half, I've been scanning car sales websites every day or every other day looking for a chrome orange Elise. In the past week, three popped up. One on craigslist, one here, and one on cargurus. Each time, by the time I got around to messaging the seller, I was...
  3. Lotus Exige
    I always take the forums advice. People who have hands-on experience, and specialize in that specific model of car. If you could, please check out this 2006 Lotus Exige. LINK LINK LINK LINK Here's the situation. Dream car, planning to buy it and slowly repair it rather than pay for...
1-3 of 3 Results