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  1. Lotus Elise
    Curious if anyone here runs a rear race clam on their S2 Elise. A few sites show aftermarket rear clams available without the trunk component. I assume one would need to somehow secure the clam at the rear to avoid excessive vibration and stress fractures since the normal connection to the rear...
  2. Parts Wanted
    I'm not an artist, but I think the Elise/Exige is a piece of art and I'd love to have a front or rear clam to hang on my garage wall. So it doesn't need to be in perfect condition. If you've got a damaged one lying around, maybe we can make a deal.
  3. Closed/Sold Parts
    Selling a pair of front side marker lamps for the Elise/Exige, RH (B121M0008F) and LH (B121M0009F). Both are working and in excellent condition. Will also be including 4 black self-threading nuts (A120W3188F) needed to mount these onto the front clam. Prices for these are ~$180 new, each. I'm...
    $110 USD
  4. Lotus Elise
    Was testing out the Elise at higher speed, and I suddenly heard a loud vibration under the front of the car. It stopped when I slowed down. I immediately knew it was the aftermarket splitter that was installed by the previous owner. I pulled over and took a look. Sure enough, the splitter had...
  5. Lotus Elise
    Was thinking of getting the signals shaved on my Elise at some point, but it would be nice to keep the original clam just in case. Is there any aftermarket retailer selling a front clam that has been manufactured with the seam filled in and the turn signals shaved? I know there are potential...
  6. Closed/Sold Parts
    Had a skid off track the went rear end first. The nose only suffered slight damage around the seam of the hood and front mask. When I started stripping the nose down I found some previous damage (looked like someone had smashed the nose on a parking curb) that was literally repaired by zip...
  7. Closed/Sold Parts
    Located in Albuquerque, NM. Buyer can come pick it up or arrange their own shipping. Asking $2,500 OBO
  8. Closed/Sold Parts
    Located in Albuquerque, NM. Come pick it up or arrange shipping. Asking $3,000 OBO
  9. Lotus Elise
    Hello I am in the process of buying my first Elise and the car had a PPI completed today. There were a few findings such as some debris in the area where it connects to a blower and resistor. Mechanic said that the ac and heat will stop working soon because of leaves buildup etc. There were some...
  10. Lotus Elise
    I found out about an hour before leaving work this morning it was a long weekend. I've had the car for a month and a half and I'm tired of driving a Creamsicle looking Lotus. I'm leaning toward a silver I have on hand. We'll see once I spray some. Fridays are short for me. I got home at...
  11. Closed/Sold Parts
    Selling a rear clam taken from a 2018 Evora 400. in good shape. same clam from 2015+ Lotus Evora $2500 obo call/txt 6159474985 Would prefer local pickup in nashville. I can ship too
  12. Closed/Sold Cars
    The clam was damaged after hitting a curb. Very little damage is visible from the front, but insurance replaced the entire clam so I'm selling the damaged one. This is an OEM clam in Phantom Black and was removed from a 2007 Lotus Elise. I'm in Orange County, CA and would prefer for someone to...
  13. Closed/Sold Parts
    I am located in the United States of America and would prefer to sell them in bulk at a discounted price but will consider one or two at a time if buyer arranges shipping. I have the following parts for sale: 1. S2 soft top in excellent condition 2. 2ZZ-GE Engine (~ 60k miles) with Fidanza...
1-13 of 13 Results