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  1. Lotus Elise
    Hello all, I need some help to gain access to the windscreen washer check valve on my Elise S3 since the windscreen washer has packed up. I have replaced the pump and made sure that the washer bottle is clean but I am still not getting any liquid to the windscreen. And I don't want to have to...
  2. Lotus Elise
    Has anyone had their front clamshell crack and break where the grill above the radiator connects and holds? You can see it in the attached picture where the arrow is pointing (not the top horizontal line - that's the starshield edge). Wondering how people have fixed this in the past. I'm...
  3. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Hi all, I have recently bought an Elise S3 from 2010 with a little over 50k miles on the clock. So far I have absolutely loved the car. But as I'm still learning I just have a question about something I have noticed. When I get into the car from cold I have a slight crunchy sound when...
  4. Parts For Sale
    These are the original Brake parts from my 2008 Elise SC. They only have a couple thousand miles on them, so are basically like new. Included are the four rotors, brake lines and the OEM brake pads. They were in use long enough to barely show show the pad contact area between the front and rear...
    $750 USD
  5. Closed/Sold Parts
    These are the OEM wheels from my 2008 Elise SC (Sport Pack option). They were used for about 10K miles before being replaced. Condition is excellent as per the pics. I'm including the OEM wheel bolts and spline tool as well. Note that the forged wheel set for the Elise SC are 16x6 front and...
    $1,000 USD
  6. Lotus Elise
    I have been looking for a salvage Elise for a while, and one has come up that has damage from the firewall/seat back bulkhead backwards, including the chassis legs. I realize that these are part of the long side box section but wonder if anyone has any experience reconstructing these and...
  7. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Lotus Fam… what do we think a fair price is to sell stock/OEM Elise wheels (used with used but not done Dunlop Direzza tires)? They’ve been sitting in my garage in Metro-Detroit for about 7 years and my wife is done looking at them. Alternately, is there a good reason to keep them? I have an...
  8. Lotus Elise
    The Elise has always been my dream car, but I've been wanting to drive it to make sure it feels as good as I expect. I was wondering if anyone knows any way to drive or rent an elise in the LA/OC area? I've been searching through but only found old posts. Thanks!
  9. Closed/Sold Cars
    VIN: SCCPC11175HL34780 Today I have my 2005 Lotus Elise for sale, probably the cheapest clean title one in the country. Car has a clean North Carolina title (I have a carfax link available for it so you can see everything) The car will come with an OEM steering wheel/airbag The electric...
    $31,000 USD
  10. Closed/Sold Parts
    Elise / Exige adjustable sway bar Local pick up in Houston (preferred) or PM for delivery options Street/Track anti-sway bar kit from Blackwatch Racing. Sway bar includes: adjustable heim-jointed end-links polyurethane bushings detailed installation instructions This is one of the most...
    $250 USD
  11. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I probably spent way too much time on LotusTalk for the past couple days:). Been looking at a 2010 Evora, but now I'm quite confused... My goal is for a weekend fun car, not a DD. I prefer a Miata to a Cayman S, for example, for its lightweight fun factor. Does this mean I may be happier with...
  12. Lotus Elise
    Hi everyone. My hardtop front clamp piece hardware came apart when removing the hardtop and it looks like the plastic bolt holder things are broken (helps keep the bolts on the clamp piece). Anyone know if I can buy replacements or what they are called?
  13. Lotus Elise
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a set of wheels for my 05 Elise. I would prefer the LSS wheels or something similar since I have the sports package. I live in northern New Jersey. If you have spare set and planning to sell, you can PM me to discus details, thanks!
  14. Lotus Cars For Sale
    Unfortunate life turns and somethings have to go. This is one of the cars I am selling. 2005 Saffron Yellow (pretty sure its saffron yellow) Elise. 55,629 current miles on the car (I put just over 12,000miles on it). Clean title in hand. I can send you the carfax I got a couple weeks ago via...
    $45,000 USD
  15. Intake and Exhausts
    Having issue after converting fuel lines to AN style. At the sending unit (fuel pump hanger) you have to use a adapter to convert Toyota factory style fuel fitting to AN. Adapter came with kit from Radium, first one leaked, they quickly set me another one. This one leaks also. Any movement of...
  16. New Member Introductions
    In 2005 I ordered a lotus Elise and I had to wait 9 months to pick it up in Palm Beach Florida. The car now has over 50K miles and still, everywhere I go, people smile when they look at the car, take pictures and in general, it still looks great. This last year I have taken it to track days in...
  17. Lotus Elise
    I wanted to get some feedback, if you have driven both the NA and SC models of the 2005-2008 Elise. Which one did you enjoy the driving experience more and what year did you prefer? Thanks
  18. Lotus Elise
    I am trying to find some information regarding the air conditioning for my 1998 Lotus Elise S1 (K series) It has A/C but no heater and the Service Notes that I have are missing the Section PG that is listed in the contents as containing the relevant information - I have sections PF and PH but...
  19. Parts Wanted
    Looking for drivers adjustable seat rail for the Elise/Exige platform. I have the Inokinetic tall rail that I’ll be parting with as it’s too far back for my height. Thanks. EDIT: just clarifying, it’s the big item #1 in the diagram. The whole adjustable drivers seat rail assembly.
    $1 USD
  20. Lotus Elise
    It's time for me to change the front rotors on my '06 Elise. The previous owner installed full floating rotors on the front, but I don't track the car and don't really need to go that expensive. I don't know if they can be turned or how that would work with floating rotors. And I'm ready to be...
1-20 of 198 Results