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  1. Replacing Esprit shift lever reverse lockout strap

    Lotus Esprit
    I have an early 93 Esprit with a broken strap and broken collar for the reverse lockout. I have both parts from JAE. I have the shift lever out, but not sure how to get to the strap. There is a spring pin in the middle of the level that appears to hold the internal mechanism in place, but it...
  2. 1986-1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit HCi

    Lotus Cars Wanted
    Looking for an 86 or 87 Turbo Esprit HCi in reasonable condition (not damaged) - project cars considered provided they're complete.
  3. New member seeking a non-running project Esprit

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome! You’ll have more luck if you post a wanted ad in the Lotus cars wanted section: Lotus Cars Wanted
  4. Wanted 1999 or newer Esprit

    Lotus Esprit
    Hello, Looking to purchase a 1999 or newer Esprit. Less concerned about colour, aesthetics or minor issues. Focused on mechanical/drive train soundness, and price. Best contact [email protected] Cheers, Dan
  5. 2000 Lotus Esprit For Sale

    Lotus Cars For Sale
    I am selling my 2000 Lotus Esprit. Exterior color is New Aluminum, interior color is Magnolia. I purchased this Esprit in May of 2017 from AutoEurope near Detroit, MI. (a Lotus dealership). I've dreamed of having an Esprit since early adolescence and worked second jobs until I had enough to...
  6. Grey Ghost & Black Beauty

    Grey Ghost & Black Beauty

  7. 1987 Turbo Esprit Hci

    1987 Turbo Esprit Hci

    Some Esprit photos...
  8. 1987 Turbo Esprit Hci

    1987 Turbo Esprit Hci

    Some Esprit photos...