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  1. Closed/Sold Parts
    I bought these front and rear full set of J hook rotors brand new from Bell and Colvill in Europe 4 months ago. Never installed them - new in box. Also have a set of PFC 08 front and rear rotors for sale. $2800 includes shipping in the US. Thanks! Danny
    $2,800 USD
  2. Trade
    I have a set of black Design wheels with PSS tires @ ~6-7/32 tread depth. Car was the first owner's daily for about 37k miles, so the wheels are not perfect. Looking for silver wheels Must be forged and 19/20 size Highly prefer OEM wheels, but may be open to aftermarket options Order of...
  3. Lotus Evora
    I know this is a topic on repeat, but I’m curious if anyone has put a Diono R car seat in the Evora? I know the way b pico has been used by some. The mifold is a booster seat only so it’s not an option. Thanks!!!
  4. Lotus Evora
    Anyone ever see this code? P1909 Transmission Range Selector Position Control Error Malfunction Criteria: •The range selector feedback shows the actual position of the selector motor to be outside of +/- 5% tolerance of the learnt position. Potential failure modes •Lost motion in the...
  5. Lotus Evora
    Developing some visible cracking along the inside serpentine belt ridges, so I was looking to find this part from third party but to no avail. I have the original straight-ridged belt, not the revised v-back/gatorback one introduced in ~2018. There seems to have been minimal discussion about...
  6. Closed/Sold Cars
    This car has been sold! For Sale: 2017 Lotus Evora 400 2+2 in Metallic Black with Black Forged Wheels Location: Near Philadelphia, PA Price: $70K Miles: 7,556 VIN: SCCLMDVN8HHA10058 Metallic Black (C186) Trim is Black / Alcantara Factory Options: Metallic paint, Alcantara Pack, Cruise Control...
  7. Lotus Evora
    Hi All - I've been on the hunt for a 400 for a few months and they seem to be going in the mid 60's - low 70's for the most part but they're all listed for 75-80 on places like Car Gurus,, autotrader, etc. Other than the forum, is there anywhere else I should/could be looking for them...
1-7 of 7 Results