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  1. Parts Wanted
    Anyone in NorCal looking to get rid of their OEM muffler? Laguna Seca sound is a killer.
  2. Parts For Sale
    LOTUS EXIGE S OEM EXHAUST - LIKE NEW CONDITION - $90 PICK UP IN SPRINGFIELD MA 01108 came off of an 2007 lotus exige s pick up in Springfield MA 01108 no shipping. $90.00 or best offer - if this is still on, its still available. text for contact- easier to get hold of me - 413-328-3995
  3. Parts For Sale
    Selling lighty used BOE Feather Weight QS Exhaust that was on car for 2 weeks. Asking $440 + $50 shipping to US. Innovative 60A Rear Motor Mount 05+ Elise/Exige New. $80 + $10 shipping US. Contact me at [email protected], PayPal accepted.
  4. Intake and Exhausts
    Hi All, Last year my Larini cat-back called it quits following a track day at Area 27 (not uncommon, so I've heard, due to the long full-throttle straights and hot ambient temps). I was never too happy with the Larini (exit pipes drooped constantly) so would like to replace with something...
  5. 20200924_163443.jpg


    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
  6. 20200924_172619.jpg


    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
  7. 20200924_182322.jpg


    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
  8. Parts For Sale
    Sold my 2012 Evora NA, have a few parts left over - Like New, Complete Foxwell Scanner, still with clear stickers. Able to check engine light and air bag system codes. It will clear Air Bag Light from Evora Battery drain. $90 + Shipping
  9. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    I have a chance to buy locally a Larini GT2 6" side exit exhuast and a Larini decat. I have a 2009 Elise NA, and from what I see, people who run that exhaust are usually Exiges or SC models. As far as fitment goes, from what I've been searching, it should fit no problem, but should I have any...
  10. Exhaust On Elise At A Dealer

    Exhaust On Elise At A Dealer

    I found this on an Elise I looked at at a dealer.