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  1. Closed/Sold Parts
    Not sure of the brand. Seems to be a popular make around here, whatever it is. Fully heat wrapped and the wrap is in good shape. I got this with the car and don't know how many miles are on it or fitment or anything, other than it looks to be in good shape. $225 shipped, $200 picked up
    $225 USD
  2. Lotus Esprit
    Hi Everyone, I am excited to get an Esprit back in my garage very soon (I have had a few from carb'd Turbo to S4S) and it will be a 1991 Esprit Turbo SE. I will either leave it stock or do a few very mild performance upgrades. I am wanting to do some planning and budgeting. Power wise I...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Esprit S1 S2 exhaust manifold/header assembly. Brand new, never installed. Replaces manifold and downpipe. 4 into 1 mild steel. primary tubes are 1.5" and collector is 2.5". (4) manifold gaskets, 2" reducer with mounting flange/gasket/bolts/nuts. Paid $662.38. Will include shipping to lower 48...
    $565 USD
  4. Lotus Elise
    Both of these exhausts are described as no-drone, great sound, free flow, light, and overall fairly low volume when cruising, which is what I’m looking for. anyone have any notes comparing the two further? Is one quieter than the other? Both seem very well-loved. I understand the HKS may not...
  5. Lotus Elise
    Hi everyone! So I just got a 2009 Elise that has a factory supercharger fitted to it and a Stage 2 exhaust. I find it too loud for longer drives and it drones way, way too much on the highway. Since I'll be using the car for some longer trips it's got to go. I'm generally not a fan of stock...
  6. Closed/Sold Parts
    Selling my Inokinetic Sonic Fury Diffuser exit exhaust. Fits both Elise and Exige. Asking $650 shipped. Reason I’m selling is because I’m parting ways with my Lotus Elise. Loved the sound of it. No drone and screams under wide open throttle. Best sounding exhaust for Elise/exiges IMO. Located...
    $650 USD
  7. Lotus Elise
    I was wondering why it was so loud when the car is engine breaking or going up a hill...I have heard tales of the Elise being loud, but I have to wear ear plugs even on short trips. I don't have access to a bone stock Elise to compare and I can't really tell from images online. Wondering if this...
  8. Parts For Sale
    This is a Larini Club Sport exhaust muffler for the Elise SC. I had this on briefly for about 500 miles or so. I opted for a full replacement system from 2bular, so this is being sold. A link to Larini's site for this muffler here will show more detail. It's also very lightweight...
    $500 USD
  9. Parts For Sale
    OEM Header and Cat, includes all bolts and hardware. Take off is from a 05 Elise with 50k miles. Buyer pays shipping.
    $250 USD
  10. Lotus Elise
    I bought my 2007 Elise and was never told what the exhaust was customized as. Can someone identify these from this photo?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello All, My name is Joe and I owned a 2005 Lotus Elise; Otus. The car was a barn find and a bit of a project but I was able to pick it up for a good price, and it took me ~ 800 man hours to clean out and get back to its fullest potential. In that time all fluids and maintenance was done...
  12. Closed/Sold Parts
    This exhaust was on my 2010 NA Evora for 10,000 miles and sounded magnificent. I no longer have the car so am selling the exhaust for $400 + shipping. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area should you prefer to pick it up. More information: Lotus Evora Exhaust - Plack Edition HORSEPOWER...
  13. Intake and Exhausts
    Hello LT, I recently bought a used OBX header from a fellow LT member for my Elise. He missed the donut gasket (between header exit and midpipe) when he packed it, no big deal. I am trying to find a good replacement or ask where to find a suitable part number for it. I’ve been searching online...
  14. Closed/Sold Parts
    Anyone in NorCal looking to get rid of their OEM muffler? Laguna Seca sound is a killer.
  15. Closed/Sold Parts
    LOTUS EXIGE S OEM EXHAUST - LIKE NEW CONDITION - $90 PICK UP IN SPRINGFIELD MA 01108 came off of an 2007 lotus exige s pick up in Springfield MA 01108 no shipping. $90.00 or best offer - if this is still on, its still available. text for contact- easier to get hold of me - 413-328-3995
  16. Closed/Sold Parts
    Selling lighty used BOE Feather Weight QS Exhaust that was on car for 2 weeks. Asking $440 + $50 shipping to US. Innovative 60A Rear Motor Mount 05+ Elise/Exige New. $80 + $10 shipping US. Contact me at [email protected], PayPal accepted.
  17. Intake and Exhausts
    Hi All, Last year my Larini cat-back called it quits following a track day at Area 27 (not uncommon, so I've heard, due to the long full-throttle straights and hot ambient temps). I was never too happy with the Larini (exit pipes drooped constantly) so would like to replace with something...
  18. 20200924_182322.jpg

    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
  19. 20200924_172619.jpg

    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
  20. 20200924_163443.jpg

    Fed S2 Elise Titanium Exhaust
1-20 of 23 Results