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  1. Garage Majal
    My current car gets doored once in awhile in our garage from kids opening the doors of our SUV. I'm imagining some sort of suspended elevator pad, pool noodle, inflatable, etc to hang in the garage between the cars. It's a tight garage so the cars are close together. Recently put down a...
  2. Garage Majal
    Bought beautiful house on Lake Ontario about a year ago, amazing views, house that needed nothing, but wait there’s more. A empty 70x30 pole barn. Way more square footage then you need for a Zeroturn, UTV and a Lotus Exige, and still plenty of room for the Emira on order. So with a life long...
  3. Garage Majal
    Just put together my new iDeal portable lift. Can tell already it is the perfect lift for the Lotus. Arm profile is low enough to slide right under car (car is lowered for track use) no pre lifting needed. With a 6000lbs lift capacity I will be able to use on my other car as well (Stelvio...
1-3 of 3 Results