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  1. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Hi all, I have recently bought an Elise S3 from 2010 with a little over 50k miles on the clock. So far I have absolutely loved the car. But as I'm still learning I just have a question about something I have noticed. When I get into the car from cold I have a slight crunchy sound when...
  2. Lotus Elan
    I just picked up a '91 Elan M100 Red/Black with about 144k miles. Took it for a quick drive to test her out and all of a sudden a loud metallic grinding sound out of nowhere and i had to pull her over. It wouldn't shift into gear and i had to have it towed to a shop. Any idea what it could be...
  3. Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    I'm trying to get a hold of a good tool to remove 5th gear from my C64 transmission. (Lotus Elise 2ZZ) Does anyone know of a good place to get the one in this video, or similar? I want to avoid breaking off a tooth in the process ;) This is the...
1-3 of 3 Results