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  1. Interior/Exterior
    I noticed this transparent, gloopy substance at the top of the inside of my headlight soon after I got my Elise. It hasn't changed shape in what amounts to 500 miles of driving at this point. To my knowledge, the headlamp was never disassembled because all of the related parts are stock, but I...
  2. Lotus Elise
    do any of my U.S. Lotus Elise peeps know if there is a drop in LED or HID replacement bulb for a Series 3 Lotus Elise SC? Not finding much current information out there as the Sector 111 HIDs and ekological's HID low beam kit by ApexCone are nowhere to be found on the interwebs. Has anyone...
  3. Lotus Elise
    Hi guys I own 2009 Lotus , my car has the headlight comes with housing, so I am looking for Spring Clip looks like this , is it possible to find one?
  4. Lotus Elise
    So I'm certain there are countless threads on headlight preferences to replace the dismal bulbs that came with our cars, but can someone educate me on the 'engineering' differences that happened around 2007 that undoubtedly was released as an improvement over the previous generation?
  5. Parts Wanted
    Hi there I need the Left Front headlight for my elise 2009 My car is the Gulf specs version so the headlight will come in one housing not the bracket version.
  6. Lotus Exige
    Hello, I noticed that the LED bulbs I have (just H7 bulbs, no ballasts or inline resistors/error light cancellers) installed make my headlights stay on regardless of the position of the headlight button (on or off). This is true with both my standard instrument pod and my MX2E. Has anyone...
  7. Closed/Sold Parts
    All components of a right-hand headlight assembly for a U.S. spec 2006 era Elise or Exige. Includes all bulbs and connectors. Purchased brand new from the U.K. and never used. Plastic headlight pod not included. $550 plus shipping. Shipped to the continental U.S. only. Thanks for looking.
1-7 of 7 Results