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    EDIT: In case anyone missed it --- Build sheet here. Photo album here. EDIT 2: Took some photos this evening and added them to the album. Posted a sampling below in post #20. EDIT 3: Open to trade for a 1991 - 1994 Acura NSX. Manual. Any condition, even non-running examples. Well, guys. It is...
  2. Lotus Exige
    Hello! Sadly I can't found something which helps searching through older threads. I'm actually doing an Honda K20 conversion on my Exige. I've bought the innovative swap mount kit, driveshafts and the MWR swap loom. Perhaps some of you, who has done the conversion, can give me some tipps how I...
  3. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

    A view of the Honda engine installation from above. At this point I was on a ladder filling the coolant.