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  1. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Can't believe it but I just sold my Elise. I thought this would be my forever car but I have a big life transition coming up where it wouldn't make sense to take this car with me. I am seriously considering getting an Emira in the future so I will likely be back on here. Man I'm really going to...
  2. Closed/Sold Cars
    I just got the car smog'ed and it passed with flying colors. ... and man, this car is SO fun to drive!! I never thought this day would come, but it has. Am I out of my mind? Maybe, so strike while the iron is hot. This is a mostly stock late 2007 1.8L, NA Lotus Elise (with the rear...
    $38,000 USD
  3. Krypton Green

    Krypton Green Elise at CaveHill Cemetery in Louisville KY.
1-3 of 3 Results