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lotus elise 2005

  1. Issues with speedo - Start Engine Button?...

    Lotus Elise
    So I thought I had a bad speedo, as it cut out when my start button broke, and I was forced to jump it to get home. I rewired the start button the best I knew how, but while everything else works, the odometer and speedometer are still not working, even after buying a GarW unit! See attached...
  2. Rattling Coming From Engine

    Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)
    Good Afternoon Everyone, I just bought an 05 Supercharged Lotus Elise. And I’m getting a super annoying rattling noise coming from the right side of my engine. I’m curious if anyone has expirenced the same thing and know what this issue is? When I’m in neutral if I rev to about 4-5k you can...
  3. '05 Elise, 5k Miles

    '05 Elise, 5k Miles