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  1. Closed/Sold Cars
    I have a 2007 Lotus Elise in Solar Yellow for sale. It is a higher mileage example so as such it is not in perfect shape but overall very good shape. I've owned it for about 3 months now and put around 7,500 miles on it in that time. When I say I would trust it to drive across the country...
    $39,000 USD
  2. Northeast Region
    Hello all, I used the search function & tried via Google, found the recommendation for Rainbow repair down in Dennis MA, was wondering if anyone knew of any others in MA or NH that can do reliable Lotus body work? I have a clam crack next to my passenger's headlight on my 05' Elise, below the...
  3. Lotus Elise
    I joined the Lotus club about 2 months ago with the purchase of a 2007 Lotus Elise and immediately got to experience the first 3 letters of the acronym (Lots Of Trouble), although thankfully not serious. I flew from Colorado to Missouri, test drove the car, everything was as described and all...
  4. Lotus Elise
    I hope someone who likes this car buys it. Good luck
  5. Elise S1
    Hello all, I figured I should start this thread for the import process of my 1997 Lotus Elise S1 from the UK. Just like all of you I’m a pretty big lotus Elise/exige fanboy, I’ve now owned 2 Exiges and 2 Elise’s (all S2) as I’m in USA. I’ve always wanted an S1 because they’re just quirky and...
  6. Lotus Elise
    Fellow Lotus owners, My 2006 Lotus Elise has a crack in oil pressure switch housing (see pictures attached) that results in relatively substantial oil leak. The crack is on the engine block, the part that sticks out to thread in the oil pressure switch (see zoomed-in pic below, location of...
  7. Closed/Sold Cars
    $50k Not gonna lie, I thought I'd keep this car forever. I've wanted it since I was a teen but at 35 with a 1 year old and hopefully another on the way soon, it just doesn't make sense to have this and an Emira. What? You thought I was selling it to get some white new balance shoes and knee...
  8. Lotus Elise
    The engine malfunction light light keeps going on and off so I got it scanned and it gives the following error: How worried should I be and has anyone else faced the same problem?
  9. Closed/Sold Parts
    If anyone can point me to where I can find a Lotus Elise diecast model (2009, yellow) that would be highly appreciated.
  10. Closed/Sold Parts
    Hi, I am looking for a hardtop for my 2009 Lotus Elise(yellow). If anyone is selling or has any information please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Lotus Elise
    Hi all, I have just bought a 2009 Lotus Elise and this is my first car. Does anyone have any suggestions on which insurance to get? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Lotus Elise
    Hi all, I just bought a 2009 Lotus Elise. I don't have my license yet and this is going to be my first car. How hard will be the learning curve for me?? Thanks!
  13. Lotus Elise
    Hey all, I've recently come across a lotus elise being sold by a reputable dealer for 33K. I'm a bit unsure if this is a good price for a salvage title lotus. It has lowish miles (40k) and is fully restored. It was salvaged due to damage on the front clamshell, no chasis damage or further...
  14. Lotus Elise
    My Elise had a rip on the fabric bolster on the driver’s seat. I found a shop that agreed to do a repair adding leather in place of that fragile fabric. I didn’t want to get rid of the original leather so that the seats would still match the red of the interior. I thought I’d share the results...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I’ve been lurking for quite some time over the years. In my first hunt for an attractive, affordable, and unique mid-engine, I went with a 4C Launch Edition. Admittedly, a Lotus intimidated me, as I live in Downtown Miami and have never operated a true manual. Now, I'm jumping both...
  16. Closed/Sold Cars
    Looking to immediately buy a 2005-2008 Lotus Elise, Low Miles, 1-2x Owners, Clean/Stock or Tastefully Modded (READY TO BUY ASAP). Open to a Supercharger, preferably a factory one but open to non factory as well or N/A. Let me know what you have as I have money burning a hole in my pocket and Im...
  17. Lotus Elise Sport 220 in Sydney

    My Lotus Elise Sport 220 getting sports car photography in Sydney on a sunny afternoon in La Perouse.
  18. Lotus Elise
    Yesterday, I was installing an aftermarket exhaust. I took off the belly pan, diffuser and got the exhaust installed. I put everything back together. Everything went back together perfectly. I went to install the belly pan. I mounted it up with the 2 big bolts in the center, then went down where...
1-18 of 18 Results