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  1. Lotus Esprit
    I am considering buying an Esprit V8, but before that I'd like to know how far I am from a mechanic who's worked on Esprit's before. This is especially important because I'd like to drive the car often, so I'll be going through the service schedule more frequently.
  2. Lotus Esprit
    I owned a Launch Edition Evora from new as a daily driver for 7 years. Sold it a while back to have a break hoping for a targa top to come out (such a waste it never happened.) Emira is cool but a long ways away. So now I am looking for that teenage bedroom poster car (for me): an Esprit. I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    New guy here from eastern Washington state. I’ve been following this site for many years but never officially joined until now. I have wide ranging interests in automobiles and have spent most of my career in the auto industry, including two Lotus dealerships. I don’t currently own a Lotus but...
  4. Closed/Sold Cars
    I am selling my 2000 Lotus Esprit. Exterior color is New Aluminum, interior color is Magnolia. I purchased this Esprit in May of 2017 from AutoEurope near Detroit, MI. (a Lotus dealership). I've dreamed of having an Esprit since early adolescence and worked second jobs until I had enough to...
1-9 of 9 Results