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  1. Lotus Elise
    Hey im trying to replace my MAF and it looks like the existing screw may be stripped. Anyone know how i would go about removing it and getting a replacement screw for it? Also do i need a smaller than standard screwdriver for it? it looks a bit small. thanks
  2. Closed/Sold Parts
    Factory Airbox - both halves, includes MAF sensor, airbox solenoid, vacuum hoses, and reusable green filter. No broken latches. $85 + shipping via PayPal, CONUS only
    $85 USD
  3. Lotus Elise
    Hey all, I just picked up an 05 chrome orange Elise with 24k with what I believe is a boe 300 supercharger on it. Upon cold start the car starts right up and sits at 1000rpm as you would expect. The issue is when you go to drive it will only rev to 2k rpm and then misses like crazy in every...
  4. Intake and Exhausts
    Hey I bought a custom 3.5" diameter aluminum honeycomb air straightener screen to cut up and install in my Fujita Cold Air Intake after reading tons of posts about CEL lights and idle issues, etc. My goal is to use this like an air vane to straighten out the airflow before it passes through the...
1-4 of 4 Results