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  1. Lubricating System
    Hi I have the following setup on a 2007 Lotus Exige S 1. MX2E 2. Monkeywrench racing sandwich plate 3. 150 psi AiM sensor its always showing 130-150 even when car is off or at idle any thoughts? thank you L
  2. Lotus Exige
    Hello all I have been working on adding my sensor pack to the MX2E on my 2007 lotus exige s. the ambient temp on my drive was 52 F I am getting a new oil pressure sensor if you are wondering. There is no way the pressure can be that high. What can make a sensor read a value like this. For the...
  3. Lotus Exige
    Hi everyone I am slowing getting all the parts I need to add four gauges to the MX2E (oil temp, oil press, intake air temp, boost temp) I understand the oil temp and oil pressure sensor bit (add sandwich plate between block and filter). Just so I do not place the air gauges in the wrong place...
  4. Lotus Exige
    Hi everyone Just troubleshooting my MX2E. Just have the following questions/observations: 1. does the MX2E make the headlights on all the time no matter what regardless if headlight button is on or not? 2. does the MX2E turn climate control back-light on all the time? 3. when I am coasting to a...
  5. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Hi everyone Got a good deal on the MX2E so I bought one. I have installed it and taken the car out for a spin. I didn't program the gears correctly, but I will redo it tomorrow after reading the forum. My biggest problem right now is there is no RPM or Speed readout. The digital circular tach...
  6. Lotus Elise
    Check out AiM's product MX2E (AiM MX2E) Question: Website indicates that this product is "new Plug & Play Dash Logger kit specifically designed for Lotus Elise/Exige 2011-2019 models". Does anyone know why it is not compatible with Elise 05-10? I own a 05 Elise! Looking for your thoughts...
1-6 of 6 Results