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  1. Interior/Exterior
    I know there are specific solutions for the Elise that are shared in forums and on a few of the popular websites. I didn't like how many of them blocked the front two vents, and I was convinced something on Amazon might work. So I bought a few and tested and found a solution for under $15...
  2. Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    I'm practically useless without navigation. After buying a 2009 Exige S260 on BaT, I found myself really wishing for navigation. I don't really like phone mounts, and I couldn't hear the thing anyway if I did. The S260 came with an Alpine head unit with an iPod cable, but the iPod integration is...
  3. Custom Doubledin Dash Fabrication

    Kenwood DoubleDin Navigation DVD in custom fabricated dash, modelled after factory dash.
1-6 of 6 Results