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    New owner of a Elise S2
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    Just joined Lotus Forum. Looking to purchase an Elise. Currently have an MGB and looking to add a different level of fun and excitement.
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    New guy here from eastern Washington state. I’ve been following this site for many years but never officially joined until now. I have wide ranging interests in automobiles and have spent most of my career in the auto industry, including two Lotus dealerships. I don’t currently own a Lotus but...
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    Hey all. My name is Jade and I’ve enjoyed the forum for six years now. It’s been a great resource for tracking down a lug key and switch pack. My ‘05 Elise has spent way too much time covered in my garage!
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    Ride 2020 Lotus Evora GT, Orange on Black, Bespoke Stitching, Carbon Package Garage Austin, Texas History Been a Lotus lover since the late 90s when my neighbor introduced me to his Purple Esprit. Just want to stay in touch with other owners.
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    When I was 11 my Dad bought me a diecast 2003 Saffron Yellow Elise. It got stuck in a corner somewhere and I barely gave it any thought while I salivated over Audis, then Mustangs, then Subarus. By the time I was old enough to drive on my own I pulled the old model out of its hiding spot and...
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    I am Andrey Tkachenko, from Ukraine.But based in Dubai. Is anybody living in UAE? I do not a driver with the Lotus car. But I am thinking about it.
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    Hi, All. I will take delivery of a 2020 Lotus Evora GT on Tuesday next week. I'll post pictures when I get it. I love cars and driving and have been lucky to have some fun cars (BMW M3, Mazda Rx-7 (3rd gen), BMW i8, ...). My current car is a 2018 BMW M5, which is a pretty amazing piece of...
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    Hi, I'm a new member from Singapore. I don't own a Lotus yet, but I hope to get an Elise soon, so it would be great to learn more about the car from the experts here. Would love to be connected to other Lotus owners in Singapore. Thank you.
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    Just purchased a 2010 Evora. Super excited, will be shipped to me soon. When I first created this profile I was still only considering Evoras, along with 911s. I went with the Evora... my profile name did not age well. Ha ha Will post pics when it arrives. Anyone else in Southern Utah on...
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    Good morning all wife and I are in the slc area and pretty much convinced we’re going to shop for an evora gt next year. Currently have a c7 corvette and desire another fun car. you can thank Jeremy Clarkson for causing my wife to lust after a lotus; she saw his evora review and fell in lust...
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    Good Afternoon Everyone, My name is Adam and I am located just outside of Cleveland. Currently own a 1985 BMW E30 with a '89 325I engine. Mostly stock other than that. Previously owned a BRG 91 NA Miata(first fun car) put a ton of work into it and gained a love of cars from it. Went from that...
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    Hi all, I've bought a 1985 Turbo Esprit, which is in need of a lot of care. I'm near Buckingham in the UK. I am not a mechanic, but keen to have a go at as much as I can. I am hugely happy to have bought my boyhood dream car. Am looking forward to all the comments and research and clearly some...