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  1. Lotus Evora
    The car is a December 2016 build Evora 400, I have owned from 400 miles, no new paint, never used a cover. Over this Spring/Summer I have had a series of paint bubbles appear on the rear right hand clam where it joins the bumper: Anyone had anything similar? The only thing I found on here...
  2. Lotus Evora
    Does anyone have a good picture of 3-eleven red on an Evora? It’s hard to get a sense for the color with the configurator. If anyone has seen it in person, how would you compare/contrast it to formula red and fire red? Thank you!
  3. Interior/Exterior
    I have a 2006 British Racing Green Lotus Elise, and I want to put two yellow stripes on it, and I think some thin white accent stripes... (I very much welcome input!) I've been trying to answer my questions in this process and found surprisingly little good info in my search, so although I think...
  4. Lotus Elise
    I found out about an hour before leaving work this morning it was a long weekend. I've had the car for a month and a half and I'm tired of driving a Creamsicle looking Lotus. I'm leaning toward a silver I have on hand. We'll see once I spray some. Fridays are short for me. I got home at...
  5. Airplane intox

    Been painting
1-5 of 5 Results