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  1. Engine Cooling
    Hello all, I’ve got a blue radiator in my car that the PO put in and I’m looking to see if anyone can recall anything about those radiators when they were sold? How many passes and who the heck made it would be a start. Thank you, Tom
  2. Parts Wanted
    Need a new radiator for a 2006 lotus elise because mine blew up and my car is just sitting until I can find a new one. Was wondering if anyone had one they could sell me, Located in southern New Hampshire.
  3. Canada
    I'm sure many owners on here have replaced their Elise's rad already. It's now my turn... It's not a track car and doesn't need to be any higher performance than OEM. I just want a drop in replacement that can get to the GTA fairly quickly. I've looked at Pro Alloy and Elise Parts from the UK...
  4. Broken Radiator For The Fisrt Trip...

    It happened five minutes before the restaurant on a romantic sunday... in Chinon, France.
1-4 of 4 Results