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  1. Lotus Elise
    I saw this chart posted by a member in an older thread. My speeds at the given RPMs seem lower than this. Is this chart correct?
  2. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Hi everyone Got a good deal on the MX2E so I bought one. I have installed it and taken the car out for a spin. I didn't program the gears correctly, but I will redo it tomorrow after reading the forum. My biggest problem right now is there is no RPM or Speed readout. The digital circular tach...
  3. Engine Control (ECU)
    Hi everyone, I don’t own a Lotus yet but I have been doing a lot of research on them lately because I’m thinking of buying an 08 Elise. After a little bit of googling I came across this site: Lotus Elise Models & Specs Now I’m no pro at tuning but I definitely know the basics, and I realized...
1-3 of 3 Results