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  1. Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a pair of elise seats for my NA Miata. Black cloth/leather preferred. But shoot me any offer!
  2. Lotus Elise
    My Elise had a rip on the fabric bolster on the driver’s seat. I found a shop that agreed to do a repair adding leather in place of that fragile fabric. I didn’t want to get rid of the original leather so that the seats would still match the red of the interior. I thought I’d share the results...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi all, still looking to purchase a pair of used Elise seats in black. Runners not needed - just the seats themselves. Looking for leather in good condition; if the padding is a little squashed that's ok. Thank you!
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hello, I’m looking to buy an ‘05 (or whatever year fits) passenger seat for my Elise. Black. Leather. It doesn’t have to be perfect but in decent shape. I’m in the Los Angeles area and happy to pay for shipping. Thanks, D [email protected] 3104978988
  5. Interior/Exterior
    Hi, where can I buy seat grommets for motorsport seats? Or maybe someone has project for 3d printer? I bought seats here, but they don't have seat grommets for them:
  6. Interior/Exterior
    Has anyone seen these seats? The pricing seems good and it appears that they can include Elige brackets. Anyone have experience with them?
  7. Interior/Exterior
    Hi everyone, I really like the Sportster GTs but I know the Elise doesn’t have much room for larger seats. According to the dimensions on Recaro’s site, the seat would fit but the dimensions provided do not let me know the full width or length of the seats. I attach a the pic so you guys get...
  8. Reupholstered Seats

    Before installation
  9. Installed Interior

    Installed passenger seat and door panels
1-9 of 9 Results