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  1. WTB Tillett B5

    Parts Wanted
    The lead time for Tillett B5 seats here in California is upwards of 4 months, so looking to the used market for a quick fix. If you have a Tillett B5 (two ideally!!) for sale, I might be interested. Thank you.
  2. Will the RECARO Sportster GTs fit in a S2 Elise/Exige

    Hi everyone, I really like the Sportster GTs but I know the Elise doesn’t have much room for larger seats. According to the dimensions on Recaro’s site, the seat would fit but the dimensions provided do not let me know the full width or length of the seats. I attach a the pic so you guys get...
  3. Installed Interior

    Installed Interior

    Installed passenger seat and door panels
  4. Reupholstered Seats

    Reupholstered Seats

    Before installation