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  1. Lotus Elise
    Anyone know what the Red, Green, Blue number codes are to match the instrument cluster backlighting for a new stereo?
  2. Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    Does anyone have a blueprint/diagram of the stereo removal tools they can point me to? Thanks.
  3. Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    While waiting for parts I started looking at my car stereo. There isn't much to see because there is currently a hole there were the stereo once was. I knew the screen was not going to be able to be large, and I really like the idea of a physical volume knob. With that being said I have decided...
  4. Lotus Elise
    I’ve been looking around for a better sound system for my new Elise. I had the idea of setting my Bose Resolve speaker on that cubby behind by seat. It actually sounds really good! You can invert them cone so that it sits deeper in the area if you want to. Anyway just thought I’d mention it.
  5. Lotus Evora
    Hey folks, Can anyone ID this bundle, which comes out of the bay as a single rca plug, into a five plug harness using only one plug, terminating in a connection as pictured in the back of the old unit? Trying to figure out what it belongs to. 2011 Evora NA tech pkg. Thanks!
  6. Lotus Elise
    Heres the write-up for the full system Im doing in my Elise. Its a dd, so I wanted a decent sound system and was willing to let it add a bit of weight (I believe its around 40 lbs total). At this point the system is fully functional and installed, but the rear panel cover isnt finished, Im...
  7. Audio, Video, GPS, Radar Detectors & Accessories
    I'm practically useless without navigation. After buying a 2009 Exige S260 on BaT, I found myself really wishing for navigation. I don't really like phone mounts, and I couldn't hear the thing anyway if I did. The S260 came with an Alpine head unit with an iPod cable, but the iPod integration is...
  8. Lotus Elise
    Hi everyone. Just picked up an 2011 Elise SC which I am crazy excited about. First task is to remove the junk head unit that the previous owner installed. It came with a unit used to plug in an IPad. It is half the depth of a regular stereo. Behind that, the speaker wires are routed through what...
1-8 of 8 Results