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  1. Lotus Exige
    Hey guys, I've been trying to do some googling and searching but can't seem to find an answer. I just picked up a 2007 Lotus Exige with a turbo Honda K20 setup. It's got an Alitech shifter in the car. I was hoping to buy the bollock and use that but I cannot find the thread pitch for the...
  2. Lotus Elise
    thinking of not selling my elise and just refinancing so i can keep it and actually do what i’ve always wanted to with it, ( turbo and/or k swap, widebody). Not to mention the elise going out of production and the prices being expected to rise in the next few years is a big motivator for keeping...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. Happy to be here. Really! About 3 weeks ago I purchased my first Lotus. Then 1 week ago had my first heart attack! Nothing to do with the Lotus. Lol But I had 2 stents put in and am home recovering until I go back to work on the 12th. But back to the car...I bought my first Lotus...
  4. Closed/Sold Cars
    Looking for an 86 or 87 Turbo Esprit HCi in reasonable condition (not damaged) - project cars considered provided they're complete.
  5. Lotus Elise
    Hey guys! I just finished installing a Forcefed 275 on my 05 Elise (got it at a good price from WireWheel). The main issue I am having is due to the idle. The car idles at 2800rpm. I believe this is due to the fact that the EFI ECU is probably off of a newer lotus with a drive by wire system. I...
  6. General Discussion (Lotus related)
    Hello, I've been looking around for information on forced induction for the 2zz engine. I've found a lot of people saying and testing out stuff. However, i've not been able to find clear information about what is possible and what not. A few questions i'd like to get clarified: How much whp can...
  7. Texas Mile 09

    Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo. Yes it'll hang with you in the corners and run close to an 8 sec. quarter mile. It is street legal < at least in Texas > He ran 232Mph in the standing mile on Friday.
  8. Texas Mile 09

    The interior in this thing was very nicely done. Beautiful rod.
  9. Texas Mile 09

    Supra with a 90 mm turbo
1-9 of 9 Results