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zoomz art

  1. Lumn8r


    For Andrew
  2. Apple Harvest

    Apple Harvest

    Magritte Embellishment
  3. Beautiful World

    Beautiful World

    Magritte Embellishment
  4. Lotus Sport Exige

    Lotus Sport Exige

    rainbow black Art
  5. Unicorn


    White Exige Art
  6. Slithering Elise

    Slithering Elise

    Elise as a snake.
  7. Clay Elise

    Clay Elise

    Georgia Okeeffe embellishment
  8. The Pleasure Principle

    The Pleasure Principle

    Magritte embellishment
  9. Exige Time

    Exige Time

    Magritte embellishment
  10. Ultimate Sun Goddess

    Ultimate Sun Goddess

    Artwork Created by zOOmz Sorry, it is an Ultima GTR. What was I thinking?? ;)
  11. Elise Butterfly Girl

    Elise Butterfly Girl

    Artwork Created by zOOmz
  12. Eyes Only for Elise

    Eyes Only for Elise

    Artwork Created by zOOmz