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Hi. As is pretty obvious from my screen name, I'm Patrick.

I'm a somewhat ambivalent resident of New York City, here along with my significant other and our new baby.

In previous lives I contributed to Jalopnik and Cars Direct. Travis Okulski will possibly/begrudgingly vouch for my existence. At the moment I'm a college math instructor and department administrator, although there are days when I realize I should get the writing going again with some sense of purpose.

Put all this (unfavorable location, growing family, less than lucrative career) together and it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I am currently a non-owner. Am trying to figure out some way to fix this in the not-too-distant future (anyone have a neglected Type 75 Elite out in back someplace?) but that remains a work in progress.

Making more progress is a good part of why I'm signing up for this. My preferences tend towards the more elemental and accessible end of things, so along with following along with relevant conversations I'll be giving polite and interested looks at early Esprits and Elan +2s and the like. Owning a Seven would be a literal dream come true however that comes to pass. And any time they want to start sending the Elise back over would be fine with me.

Will be around. Take care.

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My main area of interest is Esprits (NOTE: not using the word Expertise o_O ) , and I can tell that Travis has been a bad influence on you, LOL. Didn't your Mom warn you not to hang out with guys with like that? :whistle:

Make sure you FOLLOW the sub-forums of any models you are interested in, as well as the For Sale and WTB areas.
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