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05.27.09 STL Lotus/Lamborghini/Bentley/Ferrari/etc.

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Took the Exige up to STL today to get some new headlight housings (under warranty), spent quite a while there checking out all the super-bad cars. If you haven't been to this place you owe it to yourself to go there next time you're in Chesterfield, some of this stuff has to be seen in real-life to be believed. I stood around taking pix for over an hour and all I got were smiles from the staff.

Speaking of pix, they definitely can't do these cars justice. Its been a while since I've been really up-close and personal with Lambo's, and I have to tell you, they make Ferrari's and Porsche's look bad, honestly. The detail, fit, finish and just sheer presence of these cars is beyond words, and something you have to see to believe. Anyway, I'll shut up, here are some of the pix I took, enjoy.

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wow! great pics!
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