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This is old news, but apprearantly it is still out there. So instead of me reponding to PMs, here is the history. So you all get the same story....

I purchased this car new from Lotus of Bedford Ohio (which is no longer in business) back in May 2006. The car never had any problems (although it was rarely driven) until the accident on May 2008. The accident occur in southern Ohio during a regional Lotus owner gathering. While crusing in the mid of the pack of 15+ cars, the car clip gravel on the side of the road on top a small hill, lost control and power slide into someone's gravel driveway then hit a concrete water run off at the end of that driveway, flip a few times and landed on its feet (kind of)....

Ok, Now on to the damage itself. The list was 4 pages long (sorry it is gone), and as I recalled the following items were on the list.

*Front clam
*Head lights
*Widnshield structure (it was bend)
*Side mirror
*One rear wheel
*Driver side rear suspension setup
*Roll bar cover
*Rear underside panel
*Rear window
*Maybe the driver door (not sure)

And.......THE CHASSIS :eek: Yes the chassis was bent / twisted thus the reason why the door is jammed and the reason why it was TOTALED.

So, there you have it. Don't try to fix this car, let it rest in peace else it will just cost you ton of money into a savage titled car. Looked, the car had a savage value (at least insurance offer back to me) at well under $10k, while the repair estimate was well over $30K.

Lastly, during the accident lots of fluids came out of the car, and there is no gaurentee that the drivetrain wasn't hurt.

I hope this will help those who might be interested on resurrecting this car to make an informed decision.
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