Parts came from 2005 Elise red car, Paint code B94. I also have parts that were just sitting on my shelf.
Car had 54k miles on it when the parts were removed.

Part prices are plus shipping and crating (if needed/wanted). The prices are OBO. If you want to send a shipping label, that is fine by me.

Passenger door shell - D117B0060K R/B - sold
~45" x 24" x 8"

Rear window shroud - B117B0445 - $200

Rear window - A117B0138F - $50

Engine compartment cover - A120B0061K R/B -$200
no lock mechanism or louvers

Driver side mirror - A111U0335J and B117U0123F - $125

Dash cover (Fascia top panel) - B121U0017F - $sold

Driver door beam - A116U0029F - $140

Gear shift cover - B120U0020F - $sold
35" x 14" x 5"

Tail light - only have 3 - A082M6689F or A121M0035F, A082M6690F - sold

Additional photos are here: Track Lotus Parts

PM or email - [email protected]
I thought it showed my location. Hobart, IN 46342