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54/55k miles
VF2 SC kit
CharlieX tune lower cam comes in @ 5600rpm
innovative engine mounts
Moroso gPAN2 Baffled Oil Pan
Act xt Perf street @38k miles
Alitech shifter
DBA 4000 slotted rotors
Pagid rs4 pads
SS brake lines
Boe Clam hinge
TitanQR Steering rack
Sector 111 Steering arms
Nitron Double Adjustable Suspension Summer 2012 ~32k miles
Corner balanced,
SSC Rear Toe Link Brace Kit
Custom Roll Bar (does not get in way)
Custom Adjustable Splitter
Custom Rear Diffuser
Aero Motions Adjustable Carbon Wing
Sparco Removable Steering wheel with Works Bell Adapter
Boe battery relocate and pc625 battery
wrapped in 3m atomic teal
Sonic fury exhaust
GarW dash
Celica gts trans with lsd install at 51k rebuilt at 54k
Ssr type c wheels
having sitting on a shelf the old dash, 2 transmission cases with gears... we will just leave the "gears" at that... lol
runs extremely quick. corner balanced at 2200 lbs with me in it. dynoed at 230-270 depending on dyno. 2 sheets attached.
in my posession has been primarily used for autocross, have done 2 track days. one at putnam raceway the other at gingerman raceway.
been to the drag strip twice. 12.3 @113 prior to having an LSD. have not been back.
car is well sorted out and the only reason I am selling is I want to build a different platform. (LS Miata....)

car was recently repaired at the body shop due to lady backing into car at the gas station while I was putting air in the tires, as well as the front hitting a racoon the next week (talk about dumb luck) however with that said both repairs were done at the same reputable bodyshop, repainted, sat for 2 months to let the paint cure and rewrapped. I have full documentation of all work performed.


abs doesn't work. car's stupid light so I haven't bothered to fix. common problem with these cars

Transmission is currently on it's way to MWR to have 4th gear corrected. purchased a trans from them last march and the 4th gear tolerances aren't right. only downside to this is the car is unmovable for about a week and a half.


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KAdams sorry to see you sell that beast. Have you started the Miata yet? Good news is that I my be the fastest Elise at autocross next season.
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