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05 seat belt fully retracted, not releasing!

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Great day!

I can not get the seat belts to come out of the retractor.
Seems letting them go in too far may be the issue.

Sure can see where the nylon roller should reset, and be able to release the gear lock.

Will snap a picture, or see if I can figure a video soon
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Good find.
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Yes, found that. Tried it. Didn’t seem to work. It looks very similar to the Elise retractor.
I may get courageous and try again. The spring is a royal pain
He got it right twice in twenty tries the last post probably most helpful. GL
Are the belts still in the car? I know if removed they have to be upright to function.
Belts out.
Purchased from vendor.
I did try, mostly vertical. Also mounted them.
There is a nylon roller that just doesn’t have enough room to get to it uper position which looks as though it will release the brake/gear lock.
Will triple try above suggestions tonight. And snap some pictures
good, it worked. not sure why when I mounted it before, it would not release.
it may be that I had passenger and driver mixed up. or the right hand drive people were not thinking of others at the time:)
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