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For sale:

My '05 Saffron Yellow Elise:

Car has approximately 24k miles. Well maintained... but was never a garage queen, so there are subtle signs that it's been driven, i.e. small scratches on the door sill, and center console, nothing that is unsightly.

Has: Sport Pack, Touring Pack, Starshield, Hardtop, and Soft top

Background: Car has been well maintained, and I've done some tasteful mods/upgrades:

- ECUFlash Stage 1 (from Sector111)
- Larini Sport Cat
- Larini 6" Club Sport Single tip exhaust (recently released exhaust from Sector111)* - Snagged the prototype model, exactly the same except adjustable tip
- Fumoto quick drain valve (for those motivated to do own oil change)
- Black Micromirror
- New front rotors (EBC)
- New front pads (Porterfields R4-S)
- New rear pads (Porterfields R4-S) NOT INSTALLED
- Blackwatch racing adjustable anti-sway bar - NOT INSTALLED
- Goodrich Stainless steel brake lines - NOT INSTALLED
- Upgraded front speakers to Polks (still used stock blaupunkt grills) I do have the Polk grills as well
- Green air filter installed
- Odyssey battery 680 (will confirm which model... it's been a while)
- Sector111 universal battery bracket
- had silver sport wheels, but changed to black Team Dynamc Pro 1.2's 16x7 17x8 with Toyo RA-1 (plenty of tread left)
- Sector111 trunk bootie

I believe that's the entire list.

I also did the snorkel removal... I also have the stock cat (will double check), stock mirrors, and the snorkel if desired.

The battery cover is cracked. Haven't found the need to replace.

Now for the other part:

The car has been to the body shop twice, both times for VERY minor hit and runs. Here's the deal:

1. The driver's side door was bumped... replaced.
2. Rear clam, dinged... clam was replaced.

The clams were replaced, and not repaired. Absolutely no chasis damage, just the fiberglass was hurt, even then could have been easily repaired, but I opted to replace.

Both jobs were done by Steve over at Specialty Car Craft in Los Angeles. Since I was getting the rear clam replaced, I asked for the clam to have the Exige "delete". This means, the black faux-louvres were removed and filled-in, and the part line was removed as well.

They also took this time to clean up the paint along the rest of the vehicle as well. This should be one of the cleanest '05's out there (personal opinion of course! ;))

I will post pics soon.
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