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The wifely approval of my Elise is slowly being revoked and so I'm going to get out of it for something [slightly] more practical.

It's a 2006 touring; clear title; 67xxx miles. The front has been repaired - twice, once before I bought it (doesn't show on carfax) and once just now (Not on carfax, or not yet, anyway). I think they did a great job with the repair and the car looks pretty great. The car is located in Columbia, SC. I drive it every day but have never tracked it or been particularly hard on it, although the Von Hep that was fitted when I bought it suggests the PO might have. The exhaust, and everything else on the car, is stock.

I think $22k is a fair deal but will negotiate. There is a small lien remaining on the car at BB&T, this is a local bank and this could be closed out at time of sale.

* There are some minor panel fitment issues around the hinge covers that you can see in the photos.
* One wheel has some visible damage from the wheel shop, another has some very minor damage from the same trip to the #*%[email protected]%() wheel shop (pictured).
* The small grilles to the left and right of the main one are missing. One flew off and so I got rid of the other one to make it symmetrical.
* Some scuffing on the drivers seat as well as a wear through of the bolster (pictured).
* Windshield has the minor pitting you'd expect but no cracks or dings.
* Mechanically good, no problems with engine or synchros. 5W/40 every 5k miles since I bought it, transmission fluid at 60k.
* The top is in good shape.
* THE AIR CONDITIONING IS NOT WORKING. I had it sucked out to make the blower resistor pack fix and when I was putting it back together I kinked a line and so I haven't tried to recharge it. It will probably need the line replaced and I'm not sure if the compressor will be okay. I click the switch on for a few seconds every so often just to give it a few turns.
* Needs a CDL module, I think. The doors try to lock but don't.
* I haven't fixed the last two things because I am in "get a new car" mode. The price reflects this.

Dropbox with lots of photos and a carfax printout:

Please let me know if you have any questions, I will answer them here or over PM.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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