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For those of you that have affected this repair by pop-riveting an aluminum "L" bracket to the plastic tower, why did you choose to do this on the "outboard" side of the tower as opposed to the "inboard" side?

Seems to me that it would be easier to do the inboard side, provided there is room for the new bracket on the inboard side.


I just spent the better part of a day fabricating aluminum brackets to fix three of my six broken mounting points and reinforce two others. I let the one remaining point ride. What a colossal waste of time. I'm pretty annoyed with the beet farmers (or is it turnip?) in Hethel at the moment.

Anyway, I answered my own question above. The inboard side of the trailing edge mounts / towers might be easier to fabricate, but then you lose some adjustment range for the speed nut. Stick with the outboard side.
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