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Seconded that the Lotus solution will absolutely require an alignment, although with any toe link solution you can get close to the original by measuring the toe link length before and after installation.

Attached is the parts diagram featuring the A120D0040F part - it's #39 in the diagram.

For that solution you also need quite a few more parts - 2x a longer bolt (45), 2x the threaded adjuster for the brace (44), the end brackets(43) , a spherical joint (46), jam nuts (47, 48), and a spacer (42).

Because you're replacing the joint with a spherical one and a longer bolt, you'll disturb the original toe link ends and will absolutely need an alignment as with any toe link replacement.

By the time you're done you might as well go with an aftermarket solution.

The OEM Lotus solution was on a "TSB" - "See Service Bulletin 2005/04 - 240R + aftersales." The TSB isn't for a stock fix though but rather a service update for an options package a new model, so I'm not sure it'll fly in autocross classing.


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