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111R v modded S2 on the track

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Yesterday was an open practice day at Winton Raceway. Winton is a comparatively low speed, twisty track and part of the Australian V8 supercar calendar. Very well suited to the Elise.

It was my first time at Winton, and my first time on the track with the 111R, so I was taking it easy. A good time for an Elise is 1:42-1:45 - I started out around 1:55 and progressively improved my times to end the day with a 1:49.

My friend with the modded S2 has been to Winton several times, and clocked a 1:43 in his car, and a 1:41 in my 111R.

His comments - the 111R is a much faster car on the track. The brakes are much better, the handling is the same [ie, the weight wasnt an issue for him], the acceleration is much stronger.

Now all I have to do is get more practice in to close that maasive *8 second* gap!


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Excellent report NevB! Thanks.

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Thanks, NevB. I'm glad to hear that you're having fun with your 111R. Your report is going to pain us even more while we're waiting for our cars. :) It's not enough to read these awesome comments anymore. WHERE ARE THE DEMOS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! :crazyeyes
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