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From another board. Here's the website for the Elise GT1 team,

They ran Sebring with a ZR 1 engine. Plans are to fit a Judd when the $$ becomes available.


Here's text of Antony's (Team Elite) post to the yahoo elise group:

Team Elite Racing

Hi all.

Had our first outing with the Elise GT1 yesterday at the Sebring 12-hour
event as part of the ALMS series...

Things did not go well... The US engine we have is currently overweight,
underpowered and short of breath... Also it is unreliable, having cost
us one blown engine and an oil leak in qualifying....

As a result, we qualified in a paltry 35th place, but our drivers (Jay
Cochrane, Ed Zabinski and Damien Faulkner) reported that the car was as
quick as the Audi R8's in a straight line, so when funding becomes
available, we will develop the car more and then hopefully upgrade to a
Judd 5-litre V10 powerplant, which will address all of the above issues.

The car, unfortunately, retired after only seven laps... Whilst this is
not a good sign, we draw consolation that our lap times were dropping
with each lap, and are confident that we can nurture this car into the
thoroughbred that it deserves to be.

We have just finalised our template for our website, which can be viewed

Content is lacking right now, as we prioritised geting the car to
Sebring, but we now have a gap before the next race and will update it
this week.

Any comments are appreciated.

All the best
C/O British Racing Green International

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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