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1465 POUNDS!! 2005 Lotus Elise SUPERCHARGED!!! PRICE REDUCED $34950


Receipt from Forced Fed:
Eaton MP62 Supercharger(Same as the factory Lotus) $1300,
EFI stand alone comp syst $3395,
Quaife Differential $1,350,
Spearco Intercooler $1300,
Mocal oil cooler $240,
Factory Exige Supercharger Parts $1500,
Meziere water pump and tank $289,
Hoses/Clamps/Hangers/Brackets/misc $3303(Long list of stuff, I have the breakdown upon request),
Subtotal: $12,677...

Forced Fed Race Header, Race Cat and welding of exhaust path $2,000,
Alcon Brake Kit $2,400,
Sparco SCCA T-1 Seat $400,
Spare Sparco Seat Pads $100,
2 Sets Harnesses $400,
Adjustable front sway bar $300,
Inline shifter "value" $3,000,
B&M shifter $250,
Ohlin Double Adjustable Shocks $2,400,
Sector111 RTD Brace $425,
Sector111 V-2 Arms $250,
Sector111 Revrie Carbon Center Under Tray $975,
Sector111 Carbon Rear Diffusor $1,000,
Sector111 Daytona C/F intake and airbox $1,250,
Sector111 Canards $400, *
Sector111 Carbon side intakes(Exige Look) $750,
Sector111 Front splitters $350, *
Sector111 Pogipollini Titanium Wheel Bolts $425, *
Morosso Oil Pan $240,
Accusump Tank $100,
Xenon Headlamp Kit $230,
ACT Clutch $550,
SPA Mirrors $700,
PC 680 Battery(2) $300,
Hypersports SCCA T-1 roll cage(custom built to spec) $1,500, *
Lotus 2-11 style mods to roll cage $250,
Powdercoat Cage $200,
Removeable steering wheel $400,

Grand Sub Total of Modifications: $34222.

***Keep in mind that none of the fiugures on this page included installation costs***

This car weighs ~1465 lbs. with roughly 250-270hp!!! It drives like a motorcycle, this thing is a BEAST!!!

Price as it sits: $37950

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I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I think it may be better to do a part out. Cars been on sale for who knows how long and there's plenty of goodies on that car that I'm sure lots of people, including myself, would love to get their hands on.
You might be right...I'll consider swapping stock parts + $ if it makes sense. PM me what u need. Thx.
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