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I purchased my seldom used Elise back in January 07 with about 4000 miles on it. The prior owner had added just about the entire S111 catalog to the car, set it up just the way I would and sold it. It was the 1st used car I'd purchased and I was quite nervous about it. But with a warranty in my pocket, and lots of tools in the garage did it anyways.

And for the entire time owned, the only mechanical issue that occured was a squeeky throw out bearing. It never failed, but Lotus paid for it anyways with the excellent help of the boys at Silver Star Lotus in Westlake. While the motor was apart, I had them throw in the newer more robust clutch and saved quite a bit of labor charges. Otherwise, normal maintenance consisting of fresh fluids and air filter. That was it.

The car only saw the track a few times, but what an experience. I had no idea how capable a little car could be and those were some very exhilirating laps. My need to drive home at the end of the day put serious limits on how hard I'd push, and I never got the car out of's an amazingly forgiving car. If any owner of the Elise or Exige is even remotely considering a track it at least once. You'll discover what the Lotus was really built to do.

On the flip side, the daily driver routine was more interesting. On a beautiful day with no errands to run I loved the car. But stuck in traffic on a hot day in Socal could be pretty miserable. And stuck in the rain was equally challenging with hidden potholes, getting splashed by big trucks, etc. And getting out on a rainy day guaranteed soaking whatever you were wearing.

A couple of months ago I picked up a Honda Fit as a daily driver trading in an old pickup truck, and rarely drove the Elise after that. My family life and business have made finding the time difficult to get to the track, and I couldn't handle staring at that beautiful car sitting in the garage not being used. Plus the added expense of a car for my newly licensed daughter pushed me to the decision to sell.

I've replaced the Elise with a well cared for '95 Miata that has only 28,000 miles on it. The need to tinker is satisfied this way, and it's a daily drive when the mood strikes to play in the canyons or enjoy a sunny day. Plus it has bumpers and lots of scratches, so no stress parking it at a local parking lot. In my perfect world, I'll have a Exige 240 or comparable for the track, and a comfortable car to drive every day. As soon as I win the lottery :p

Point of this rambling...I guess if anyone is on the fence about buying a it. If $'s are a concern, get a clean used one and have a good mechanic check it out for safety. And then go have the time of your life.

I'll miss that car and am already wondering how I'll get my Miata to lose 600 pounds and gain 100 hp. I just ordered some new TEIN shocks for it and will be researching how to get the best out of the 13 year old car. But I can always buy another Lotus when the timing is right..probably when the kids are in college, which is closer than I care to think about.

Thanks to everyone here for some amazing technical support and know-how. :clap::clap:

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