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16 years old = Europa

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Hello All. :wave: I'm new here but not to Lotus, thats why I didnt post this in the "Hi I'm new here." thread :p

Anyways my name is Chris Winfree, some of you might know me... I've sent emails out and I'm a member on the Yahoo Europa List. I'm a big Lotus fan since 2004. My dad has a 2005 Elise that I drive a couple times a month. I've always wanted a Lotus, but my dad said I'm not going to get an Elise unless I wait until senior year in High school, but I asked him if I could have a Lotus Europa TCS, and he said no at first, even though he had a John Player Special edition in the 70's he bought his used and was the 2nd owner. Both my parents had only one reason why I couldn't get the Europa TCS is because they said I needed more driving exprience, so I asked them if I could have a Project Europa, while driving my Mustang GT. This way I'll be gettting more exprience driving than just getting into one and driving it. At first my parents said no, but my dad said well if you found one that runs, not to much, but still needs to get fixed, I'll think about it.

So I started Looking around for one and I found one, told my dad about it and he looked at it and said okay we will buy it. My mom still said no but we convinced her to let us do it, and she said will is be father son time, and we said Yep! :D

About the Car! Vin #3675R, I'll get it registered as soon as I can. We are the 3rd owner, the first onwer, Robert Goch, lived in Somerset, PA and he dropped a valve and tried to fix it and failed so he parked it. Than the 2nd owner, James, who lives just 30 miles north of Somerset in a small town called Jerome, PA, so its been in PA ll its life till know. He bought it in 94, Rebuilt the engine started it twice, rebuilt the boosters, some of the suspension, and that about it. The original color is Regency Red (L11), got that off the Registry. We have alot of orginal parts but missing the big parts like : The doors, Whinshield, Hood, Enigne Cover Hood, and some other parts. RD, Banks Europa, SJ sportscars should have all I need... hope shipping won't be to bad from Europe. If anyone has parts please let me know, it can be any part not just the doors and stuff just message me if you have any, please.

I'm located in Franklin TN, just south of Nashville. Pictures will come soon I just have to figure out how to do it, download them to my computer. :D
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Good luck to you. You seem to have a fine father and mother who support you well. The car you have found is unique and special. Please do your best to keep it for future generations like the previous owners have done for you.

Welcome to the forum!
You have a much better grasp on the English language than most 30 year olds around here. ;)

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the new car!
Thanks Guys! I will try to do my best on restoring her. I will also keep it as original as I can.
39 years ago I was 16 and wanted a TCS. She just arrived in my garage this last January! Reading your story probably takes many of us back to that time in our lives, at least for those of us in the bifocal crowd.
I hope this is a great experience for you, these are "Special" cars. I hope you share many rewarding hours of restoration and driving together.

My main concern is for your safety. Cars built back then, especially little sports cars, are badly wanting for any sort of safety considerations. "Good luck!" and "Don't hit anything" and "Here's a lucky charm to put about your neck" are about all the protection you have. Side protection, crash structures, airbags were years in the future. An Elise is a boat and a tank in comparison.

Perhaps you are different from me and most guys your age, but I would have fearlessly tested the limits of car and driver regularly, and on roads as challenging as I could find (Western NC for me). And would doubtfully be writing this today.

Please keep us informed, send those pics along, and know how lucky both you and 3675R are to have each other.
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Okay I have gotten the potos downloaded to my computer. I have cleaned the Enigne up a little after I took these photos and vacumed the intrior out, but I hope you like it. :D

I have all the Original Bages, VIN Plates, gauges, Smiths Heater Fan and Unit, and some other parts btw. We also just took the Dash off and know working on the wiring issues :mad:

Here You Go! I hope it works :D
The first Picture is the day we loaded it up on the trialer and drove it back.


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Thanks for the pictures, and for taking on this act of love.

You might be older like me by the time it's driving :)-poke-;)

Hope it goes well, keep us informed.
Your Welcome, and I will keep all of you guys updated. Although I'm going to be working on the car instead of being on here, so I will do my best! :D
That's a very nice car! Sure looks like a huge project to work on, good luck and can't wait to see some progress pictures.
Hey BRTHTAKR did you buy the one in Florida that was in AMAZING Shape, and the best one I've ever seen!? If so that deserves a... :drool: :drool:

Update on the car as well. Just cleaned the original badges, center console, ashtray, and lots lots more. I have also found a guy named David that will be selling all the parts I need to actually finish the car. :) Hes really selling me a donor car without the engine and trans, that has all the body parts I need plus, suspension parts, some brake parts, interior parts and much much more. He said his whole top of his garage is filled with Europa parts. He also has a lot of Lotus race cars, and has had at least 5 Europas in his life. :D

Thanks Chris
looks sick in black
Very nice!!! I hope to see pictures of it being driven soon :shift: :D
Hey BRTHTAKR did you buy the one in Florida that was in AMAZING Shape, and the best one I've ever seen!? If so that deserves a... :drool: :drool:
Yes 3851R is in the garage. Great looking car, but the "usual" problems. Plenty of fluid leaks and seeps, electrical gremlins. Body rolls a lot.
Am accumulating parts for an extensive mechanical overhaul beginning I hope late Summer. Engine and trans rebuild, replace many suspension components, very likely replace every wire she has. No telling where this is heading, car might not be back on the road until Spring. But I've waited nearly 40 years, and have the time, patience and (hopefully) $ to do this well.

Sometimes, actually a couple times a week, I just sit in the car and remember being 16.
This is copied from the Europa mailing list

Yahoo! Groups

with the permission of the writer. I think it comments well on the topic.

Re: [lotuseuropa] Finally Got One!


As you may be aware, you have exceptionally brave parents that have a lot of
faith in you. Also undersand, you have much to do to get the car up an running
as it is. I reviewed your project car on the site you posted. In the Yahoo
group, without a doubt, everyone wishes you well. They also can provide
technical assistance.

The undertaking is monumental, but the pleasures are not measurable. Take your
time to do things correctly, there are VERY few short cuts here. While the
Elise is a undoubtedly wonderful machine to drive, it is the lightness of the
Europa that is it's strength. I know quite well. Change a radio channel and
also, unknowingly, changing lanes HAS occurred. It is a scalpel on the highway,
point and shoot. You will beat few in a straight-up acceleration, but that is
the charm of the car. Few can play with you in the twisties.

Make a plan for what you have to, need to do, what to do, and then, would like
to do, in that order. Organize, tag EVERYTHING. REALLY. It will save you
hours or days searching later. Things need to be planned before you tear things
apart, frame (paint or powdercoat), attaching the body, repair work, replacing
hardware with nickle plated or chrome fasteners, think things through. Get the
things you need BEFORE you proceed. Plan.

And continue to do well in school, otherwise your efforts will be for naught.
Plenty of people will be responsible for helping you in your restoration, do not
reglect them also. Many here will help you, the resouces are stunning.

Welcome to the inner sanctum. Now begins your trial by fire, so to speak. We
are pleased for you and your upcoming lessons. You will learn much. But be
patient with things, most of all, yourself. You will be a much wiser man for

And we will share in your learning and joys. But not the scaped knuckles and
late hours, LOL.


Greg Corson
'72 TC, #2081R
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good to see more young people getting into huge projects like myself. I'm only 6 years older than you.
(regarding the stern view of the two cars in the garage)

"Now there's a pair to draw to, Boys....................."

"Ramblin' Jack & Mahan" from

"Boats to Build" Guy Clark 1992 Asylum Records
TheKid#9: Congrats! Looks like that's going to be a great project. And, thanks for posting the pics. Looks like it'll be a beaut and, although I've never seen a Europa in person, I guess I've never even seen a picture of one that made me realize the car's true size. Perhaps my Matchbox Europa isn't too far off, size-wise, compared to my Matchbox Exige after all. Congrats again and, as others have asked, please keep us posted.
Thank you for the great comments and the great advice guys! I will keep you posted as good as I can.

Thanks Chris
Update on car! I just got off the phone with a company that are refurbishing my wheels, and they said that they will be done on Tuesday. Also some other parts are coming as well! :D

We are ready to take the body off the car but we need the wheels and tires to be on the chassis to make it level, so we will be able to take the body off.

Now I do have a question about the Brakes. I'm off and on about the boosters, which are rebuilt. Should I keep them or not? I do not have a master cylinder either. What size master cylinder will I need, a 7/8? I'm thinking about using a tilton master cylinder conversion though...

Another option is. I use MGB V8 brakes on the car and I'll still be able to use my original wheels too, but the brakes I have on the car right now are already rebuilt. What would you guys do? :confused:

Thanks Chris
A brake conversion is something I am also wrestling with. I know about the Triumph GT6 front brake upgrade, but I'm more concerned about the rear drum brakes.

From what I have heard, the rear drums can sometimes be a very tiny bit slower than the front disks when engaging. Also I'm not sure that they will have the same progression in bite as pedal pressure changes during a longer hard braking event. My use will be track oriented so I eventually I will be upgrading everything.

That said, I wonder if there isn't an easier way to do a full disk conversion for street use. Since I need to do some testing & development, I'm planning to try swapping a set of OE front rotors & calipers to the rear end with some custom brackets & a bias adjuster. I'll post something once I've had a chance to try them out.
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