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Racing is not a poor man's hobby, and from the moment he opened his doors, Enzo Ferrari's clients were the rich and powerful of the world. He soon recognized that even among the elite there was an upper stratum of royalty, captains of industry, and people of privilege who desired something better than the best. This class was ripe for a Ferrari that was beyond anything available to Ferrari's normal clientele, an ultra-Ferrari, with price no object. Enzo Ferrari eagerly accepted the challenge. Introduced at the 1964 Geneva show, the 500 Superfast continued the line of ultra-Ferraris. Priced at a staggering $29,300, you could buy two 275 GTBs and a Jaguar XKE for the same money.

Celebrity owners include the Aga Kahn, actor Peter Sellers, and the Shah of Iran. The Shah actually bought two. Powering the 500 Superfast was a new 400-hp, 5-liter version of the Colombo-designed V12. The power was enormous for the period and the Superfasts ruled the road. Only 36 Superfasts were built. The final twelve are know as Series II cars. The Series II cars feature major updates including a 5-speed transmissions, hanging pedals, and an improved braking system. These late cars could also be ordered with power steering and air conditioning.

Our 500 Superfast is a Series II version with a documented history going back to its appearance on the Ferrari stand at the New York Auto Show. It was purchased off the show floor by the owner of Kingsboro Volkswagen of Brooklyn, NY. The car was kept at his dealership and must have been a great contrast to his VW Bugs. It was a treasured possession and stayed with the owner until his death. We tried to buy the car from the estate in 1978 but lost out to a collector from Michigan. Three years later we were able to buy the car from the collector.

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