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Hi all,

I usually hang out on the esprit forum, and not sure how the classified ads go as I've never sold anything on the site, but my dad is finishing up a total resto on a s2 elan and is looking to sell his 1969 plus 2s to help finance the last (expensive!) parts.

The car is a one owner car until he bought it in (around) 2008 after the original owner passed way just prior to finishing the restoration. It is a weber twin cam car, beautiful shape that he has been driving and enjoying since we put it together. A perfectionist could spend some time making it perfect, but right now it's a great looking and driving car that gets WAY more attention at shows than my esprit.

Apologies if this is not an appropriate venue to post an ad. If it is, and anybody is keen I can get contact info and/or pics.


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