1970 Lotus Europa for Sale


Over the years, my best friend (George) and I worked on our classic car collections together. George’s collection consisted of 3 Lotus vehicles (70 Europa, 85 Turbo Esprit, 1987 Turbo Esprit HCi) known as his babies.
George was a very intelligent mechanical/electrical engineer and he performed all of the maintenance/repairs on his Lotus collection (eventually restoring/rebuilding the engines in all 3 vehicles) as time passed he became a true Lotus Guru.
Early 2022 George passed away and I acquired the Lotus collection from his estate.

My first impression of the Europa’s current condition:
George, before he passed, was daily driving his 87 Esprit and rebuilding/restoring his 85 Esprit so I figured he probably hadn’t used the Europa for a while.
I checked the battery voltage and it was over 12+ VDC so that was a good sign. Checked the engine oil (it was low so I topped it off. Fuel smelled fresh and it was full (another good sign). Coolant was full and looked good. Everything I checked seemed to indicate the car hadn’t been sitting for long and should start/run.
After performing a pre-check I tried to start the car. Gave the gas pedal a few pumps and turned the ignition key. Engine turned over easily, starter sounded strong but the engine didn’t start so I pulled on the choke cable and nothing happened. I investigated and found the cable needed some attention. After repairing the cable I tried to start the engine, with the choke on, but it still struggled to start so I sprayed starter fluid into the Weber carb throats. When I turned the Ignition key it immediately fired up but the engine didn’t run smooth and sounded like it needed some attention so I only ran it for a few minutes so I could ensure the clutch/transmission/brakes were working OK. I thought about taking the car for a test drive but I decided against it for two reasons (1)engine sounded rough, didn’t want to take a chance hurting something before a full checkout (2)I’m 6’ 3” and I can’t fit in the driver’s seat. George wasn’t a tall person.

Car History:
George purchased the car June 27, 1983 from a Renault dealer in New Jersey where he and his wife lived (I have the purchase receipt and other documents as well)
During George’s 39 year ownership he rebuilt the engine and restored/replaced all of the parts on the vehicle that needed attention.

Performance Upgrades:
Twin side draft Webers and air filters, Rims. The engine has a very rare aftermarket performance upgrade – Hemispherical head. The Renault cross flow head and side draft Webers make this one something special.

No damage to body panels. Wheels look good but could use some polishing. Tires are in good shape with minimal wear. The original factory color was L010 Bahama Yellow. In 1985 George hired a paint/body specialist who stripped down the exterior, prepped and painted the car Black (have pictures of this process). The repaint is starting to show its age but the car is a good 20/20 (looks great from 20 feet doing 20 MPH :)

The interior looks Great; Seats, Carpet, Wood dash, Gauges. The dash cover needs attention.

General Comments:
Battery relocated from under the carbs to driver’s side rear storage area for easier access.
Lots of parts have been refurbished or replaced (i.e. New aluminum radiator)
VIN: 650076R
Mileage: Unknown

I have receipts, documents, manuals and a clear title in hand.

Link to YouTube video:

Asking price: $18,000

I'm offering this vehicle to the Lotus community before listing it on Hemmings or BAT ...
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