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1972 Lotus Europa

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I am not the one selling this, I am posting this for a Lotus person in the area (WV). He said he wants rid of it so is willing to sell it for a very low price. Here's his email:
1972 model: Red, Engine 4 cyl, Windows electric, Wheels Honey comb silver/black, Mileage 46K

The person I bought the car from in the early 80s had just finished completing a renovation of breaks (shoes Cyl, spring kit etc.), clutch and replaced some interior parts of the transmission. Engine and suspension were fine, paint looked good. It was/is missing a floor mat and the \drivers seat head rest is worn. Everything worked.

I had just had part of my foot hacked off by a lawn mower blade and as a result my foot was very swollen and there was no place for both feet in the pedal area. While convalescing I pulled the dash and covered it with a deep rich burl veneer. I then got side tracked and the car has never been driven since. It’s been outside and inside depending on the year and where I was living (Now is 3 houses ago). So as you can imagine it has deteriorated with age and presently all 4 tires are flat and show cracks. The dash was never reinstalled. There is no body damage. It is and has been in my garage and buried under nearly 10 years of projects.

It would be a good project car/parts car.

I am moving on 21 July and intend to get rid of it between now and then.
His contact info:
Dick Belgrano
[email protected]