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1978 Lotus Elite

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This isn't my car nor do I have any affiliation with it or it's owner.

Just putting out there that there's an Elite on ebay for those who would be interested.

Lotus Other 2 Door | eBay
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Darn, There are too many people bidding the price up! I'll have to pass.
i really want one... but this needs a cash injection beyond reason!
What are they worth fully restored
Not anywhere near the cost of restoration. I'm afraid that the Elites produced in the '70's are probably among the least popular models Lotus ever made. It's best to find one of these fully restored if you want one. Just my two cents...
Is there such a thing?
Some cars do better than others. I would say that the cost to restore Elans and Europas is about the same, but the Europa might bring only about 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a comparable Elan. I'm sure restoring a '70's Elite would be the same if not more, but would bring perhaps 1/2 or less of a comparable Europa.

If you buy the right car, plan well, and do big chunks of the work yourself, you might break even on an Elan. The others, I'm guessing not.
Although limited photo's and info, this looks pretty good to me. I am imagining a reasonably complete car that needs the original engine issue resolved, along with a go-through of the fuel systems & carbs, bushings, brakes, etc. All kidding aside, a bidding war is not an issue here, but at no reserve it's going to sell in a few days.

So, like any vintage Lotus, check out frame corrosion and whether you can live with the present condition of the fibreglass. If OK on those two items, and the interior can be set right with liberal dose of Fabreeze, this could be a really fun car without a heck of a lot of outlay. You sure as heck aren't going to see one coming at you on the road very often, although wasn't one of the West Coast Lotus Meet organizers in Bellevue driving one of these?

We have a few guys on the forum in the Denver area that would probably be OK with checking this one out.

In terms of value of a restored example, yes, easy to get under water with this. Best approach would be to get it to runner condition and enjoy a funky ride.

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