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Although limited photo's and info, this looks pretty good to me. I am imagining a reasonably complete car that needs the original engine issue resolved, along with a go-through of the fuel systems & carbs, bushings, brakes, etc. All kidding aside, a bidding war is not an issue here, but at no reserve it's going to sell in a few days.

So, like any vintage Lotus, check out frame corrosion and whether you can live with the present condition of the fibreglass. If OK on those two items, and the interior can be set right with liberal dose of Fabreeze, this could be a really fun car without a heck of a lot of outlay. You sure as heck aren't going to see one coming at you on the road very often, although wasn't one of the West Coast Lotus Meet organizers in Bellevue driving one of these?

We have a few guys on the forum in the Denver area that would probably be OK with checking this one out.

In terms of value of a restored example, yes, easy to get under water with this. Best approach would be to get it to runner condition and enjoy a funky ride.

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