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1981 dry sump Turbo Esprit video

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I know, needs many more exterior shots, will add some when I get the chance until then this is what I've got.

There's a full write up in the description on Youtube if anyone's interested.

If not all you need to know is that it's still a fantastic car to drive 33 years after it left the factory.

Back in 1981 cars didn't handle, least of all 'supercars', this must have been a complete revelation at the time. And for Lotus's first attempt at turbocharging where the heck did all the lag go?! It's also smoother than any modern 4 cylinder I can think of and it's a lot more comfortable, refined and luxurious than my Exige. I bought it almost entirely for the way it looks so it's a really nice surprise to know that I'll enjoy driving it as much as taking pictures of it. Astonishing car.

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Beautiful car English Bob, I'm impressed.:cool:

Mines similar to yours, same Monaco white with red leather interior colour combo except mines a 1983 model year which was the first year the Turbo Esprit was officially sold in North America.

Have owned mine for 14 years now, seems like yesterday when I bought it.

I noticed your car is fitted with the 5 nut BBS Alloy wheels, most dry sump cars came with the 4 nut split rim compomotive wheels except the last few (the red press demonstrator OPW 679W that became the Pete Hall/Gerry Marshall race car was one)

Did you buy your Esprit from Paul Matty's?
reply to WayneB

Yes this was the car for sale at Paul Matty's. There's a thread running on TLF about it if you want to read more about it. Mileage is currently 22,651!

As far as I know the car left the factory with 5 stud BBS wheels. I want to find some Compomotives for it but they are very scarce. They also weren't that popular at the time - so light, fragile and prone to leaking many owners replaced them with the BBS wheels. Amazingly there are a very few cars with 5 stud Compomotives but these are even rarer.

Your car sounds very nice, I'd love to see some pics.
what is that in the roof around 5:30?
the thing in the roof

if you mean the silhouette of a thing on the roof (outside the car), that's the GoPro on a suction cup.

if you mean the thing in the roof (inside the car) that's the National Panasonic roof stereo. All the Essex cars had them and it was then a very expensive option for Turbo Esprits until they dropped it. Fortunately mine has it. It's very cool and still works. Remember 'loudness' buttons? It has one of those too. I can't imagine how cool it must have been in 1981!
Damn, wasted a perfect opportunity to have just said 'periscope'!
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